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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to do alterations?

  • Alteration charges are based on:
- What alteration needs to be done.
- How the garment is made originally.
- How many layers of fabric.
- Is the fabric beaded, pleated, ruched, has lace, has decorative top-stitching, or other accent that has to be removed before getting to the alteration.

How much does it cost to make a dress?

  • Custom charges are based on the design of the garment and the fabric used to make it. No matter what the design, certain elements go into every design and include:
- Taking the clients measurements
- Analyzing the design and creating the paper pattern pieces
- Implementing the clients' measurements to the pattern pieces
- Cut the paper pattern, layout on the fabric, and cut the fabric
- Baste the garment and prepare for a first fitting
- Fit the client and adjust to a more perfect fit
- Sew the adjustments and prepare for the second fitting
- Sometimes the second fitting is for the hems and sleeve lengths, on more complicated designs, it could be for additional adjustments
- When all fittings are complete to the clients' satisfaction, then the garment is finished and pressed.

Does it cost less to make a dress using a store bought pattern?

  • Not much, the store bought pattern still needs to be compared and adjusted to the clients measurements.